How To Take Your Business Online

Can Your Potential Customers Find You Online?

Getting Found Online Is Getting Harder and More Expensive!

Learn How To Get More Traffic, Engage More Visitors and Convert More Leads To Sales
Using Free and Low Cost Strategies!


YOU Know How Outstanding Your Business Is ....

HOW Amazing Your Products and Services Are ....

How Everyone Needs Your Solutions ....

BUT ...

Your Potential Customers Don't Know Because They Can't Find You!!

Everybody Says .... Get Online It's Easy .. You'll Make a Fortune ... Really?

Regardless of whether you are: A Local Business, An Online Business, A Coach, An Influencer, A Consultant,  A Personal Brand, A Franchise Owner, An Online Entrepreneur ....

You Need Traffic But Not Just Any Old Traffic .. Targeted Traffic That Wants Your Products and Services!


First, you need to define your ideal audience and structure your business correctly so that your prospective customers can find you!

You Don't Need to Take On The Whole World, Just Your Section Of The World and You don't want to be continually paying for advertising if you don't need to!


Next, you need to automate this process as much as possible.

You don't want to be spending all your time trying to get traffic instead of selling your products and services!

You Want To Be Working ON Your Business, Not IN Your Business!


Now that your prospective customers can find you, you need to show them how you can help them with Their Problem.

People don't really care about the solution, they just want their problem fixed.



Then when your customers understand what their problem is and how your solutions are going to fix their problems, it's time to make the sale.

You want this process to be easy and smooth for your new customer and have a system in place that encourages repeat sales, testimonials and referrals!

BUT How Do You Do All This?

The Issues: Over 15 years of experience and working 1 on 1 with our High End Coaching Clients gives us enormous insights into the 'Real Issues' that Brands and Businesses face daily when trying to compete online.

Not just the big things but the little techie things that should be simple but always seem to take hours to do and figure out and leave you feeling like you want to through your computer through the nearest window.

The Problem: However, what is also apparent is the enormous number of businesses who are in the start-up stage, re-design stage or have already spent huge amounts of dollars on 'things' that just aren't working.

Businesses who need our 1 on 1 Coaching or Done For You Service but have either overspent or committed their budgets and can't currently commit to our high end Programs. NO ... You're not alone!

The Answer: A low cost membership program with easy to follow step by step instructions, information, tools and resources on how to set-up, grow and monetise your business online using free or low-cost strategies. Build a tangible asset that will only increase with value over time. 

What Our Clients Say!

Peter BaldwinBusiness Advisor / Mentor

The biggest single problem for most businesses is they fail to attract and convert clients with their websites. They are setup incorrectly and simply don't work. Without expert help these businesses will sink further and probably fail... soon.

Kim Atkins knows exactly what makes a website work... how to attract targeted searchers and how to convert. She knows computer programming backwards and builds websites with the right structure, the right Search Engine Optimisation and the content that Google demands.

Graphic artists and web designers up with recent Google changes could 'maybe' throw a website together which in a few cases worked.. maybe.. almost always they don't. However, todays new and future Google and Social Media changes have created the need for websites to be correctly structured, contain all the new coding, have SEO work now as a marketing tool ... and have the right content writing which is Google's most demanding requirement right now.

Kim does all this... and is the only person I know who can also structure and write content that gets multiple web pages, high rankings by precisely providing the answer to searchers questions. She implements all Google changes and code, conducts text and measure to see what works and ensures that all the very latest Google and social media updates are incorporated into her sites. Kim helps clients to understand exactly who is their customer and the customers pain points. She passes that knowledge to clients especially content and training businesses how to do this for themselves. 

Every correct detailed coding is painstakingly incorporated into the website backend. No short cuts and stuff brought out of the box which can't possible work today for a serious business. It is all Kim's work based on years of deep experience.

I have hundreds of business clients. The only person I recommend and trust to do their websites is Kim.

Awesome Business Outcomes / Small Business Solutions QLD


Who Am I?

Kim AtkinsOnline Optimisation Specialist

An analytical chemist and computer programmer for 16 years, Kim first started marketing small businesses in 1993 and transitioned to online marketing, search engine optimisation and website development at the beginning of 2001.

In 2008, she single handedly built a Motorcycle Sales Portal which ranked on a par with (sister site to and owned by the Fairfax Corporation) and outranked both the next nearest competitors at the time, Trading Post and Ebay.

"" I'm not someone who got themselves a techie and decided to sell websites. I started with the Internet in it's infancy and grown with it ever since. With over 15 years hands on experience, this is my passion and one thing is constant!

As much and as fast as everything changes the principles and the foundations remain the same! ... Get your foundations right first! If your foundations aren't strong, you will always be fixing and patching instead of growing and building!""

Kim's business has now grown to incorporate a team of highly trained experts and staff but despite this Kim keeps a full hands-on approach, personally coaching businesses with their online and content marketing strategies as well as researching, testing and measuring to stay up to date with the ever-changing world of technology, marketing, engagement, conversions, search engines and Social Media.

What Our Clients Say!

Mike & Karen GoslingRelationship Experts

Engaging Kim Atkins to design and develop our membership site has been a huge success. Kim's systemised approach, with SEO optimisation as its cornerstone, draws customers from their keywords problems search in Google deep into our website content where we can engage with and drive them to relationship services that will help them.

Kim guided us on tips, tools and marketing strategies to implement our vision of 100 members at $47 / month. She helped us define our ideal avatar, implement a three-tiered structure for writing effective articles for posts, automate social media posts and install a sound optimised reliable back-end for automated membership payments and content delivery.

Thank you Kim for your unwavering support and belief in us. We could not have done it without your help

Who Is This For?

Anyone who needs to be found online!

  • It doesn't matter whether you are just starting out, buying an existing business or already have a business ...
  • Your online presence needs to be structured correctly and have a clear purpose congruent with your market ...
  • It needs to clearly show that market why your solution is the answer to their problems ...
  • And it needs to show your expertise and credibility!!
  • But most of all, it needs to get found!!!

What's in the Program?

We Don't Just Cover The Why's BUT The How's To's As Well In A Systemised Step By Step Process

Below is just a fraction of some of the topics included:​


  • We take you through everything from how to define your ideal audience, work out what makes your business outstanding from your customers point of view and what your customers headaches are!
  • How to develop your Unique Selling Proposition and Message to Market, where your potential clients hang out and how to engage them as well as what your competitors are doing and how you can do it better.
  • If you are buying an existing business, what you need to ask for to ensure that you have access to all of the existing online assets


  • We take you through the different options and how to work out what you need so that your Online Structure Grows with Your Business and becomes a tangible asset which appreciates over time, adding value to your business asset pool. This includes Domain Names, Hosting, Platform, Websites, Required Elements etc.
  • If you have an existing business, what you need to do when re-structuring so that you don't lose any existing rankings and history and how to do it.
  • If you are employing some-one to do this for you, the questions you need to ask to make sure that you are getting what you need, not what they think you want.

Social Media:

  • Simplify Social Media and show why it is a powerful marketing tool to target and engage your audience and drive people back to your website
  • The 7 Social Media platforms you need, how to create them, how to optimise them and how to use them
  • Show you how to setup automation so that you don't have to spend all your time posting content

Content Marketing:

  • Why 'blogging' and writing 'articles' is a waste of time and how to do it correctly so that your content is seen be your target audience and your visitors take the actions that you require
  • How to setup your WordPress website content so that it auto-posts to your Social Media Network and why this is important
  • How to create your marketing funnel so that you are capturing visitor details and leading them to your Call To Action


  • How to build your engagement and credibility so that your products and services convert more leads to sales.
  • How to analyse and tweak your sales process to increase conversions
  • How to identify, source and take advantage of other money making opportunities that can bring in a passive income.

How to manage and grow your business so that you are working ON your business not IN it!

That's just the first 5 topics and heaps more ......

What Other Topics Do We Cover?

*Authority, *Branding, *Audience Research, *Competitor Research, *Influencers, *SEO, *Advanced Blogging, *Website Structure, *Required Elements, *Automation, *Traffic, *Engagement, *Lead Generation, *List Building, *Conversions, *E-Commerce, *Affiliate Marketing, *Drop Shipping, *Email setup, .... and heaps more!!

What's in the Program?

How-To's & Checklists

Easy to follow Information, delivered in bite size chunks so that you don't get overwhelmed!

Tools & Resources

We share with you the Tools and Resources that we use in our own Business

Affiliate Program

Join our Members Only affiliate program and promote our products for recurring passive income.

VIP Group

Closed, private Facebook Business Community Support Group

When you join us today, you 'lock in' the price!
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We understand that sometimes life gets in the way! Lock in your membership price today and always pay the same amount. Even when the price goes up .. Even if you need to put the program on hold .. You will always pay the same amount you signed up for!


How easy is this to do?

What results can I expect?

Why do I need to be a member to join your Affiliate Program?

What happens if I need to put my membership on hold?

What Our Clients Say!

Sharna MillsEntrepreneur

"Kim Atkins SEO Goddess" It has been my pleasure working with you, I love your down to earth, methodical approach to helping me define my purpose for my websites, your understanding of how to target our Ideal Audience and knowledge of SEO is undeniable and astounding.

After struggling for 4 years and ranking in Google I am so pleased I have followed your expert white hat strategies and implemented all you have taught me - The search results and traffic to all of my websites are incredible, to be now dominating the first page of Google and knocking a well known website from ranking one all the way to 8 speaks for itself. Thankyou again you truly are my Online & SEO Goddess

Patti BartonPh.D.

Kim has outstanding professional skills and a totally approachable manner as she's coached me through the early months of setting up and preparing to launch my Hand Analysis website. She has loads of expertise with SEO and is across countless other aspects of online marketing.

She's up to the minute with all of Google's mood swings and will keep us ahead of the pack for SEO, Social Media and other platforms so our websites are sharp, effective, ranking well and seen by the specific clients who want our stuff. Kim has experts in her team whom we access via her wonderful Basecamp system but she's also always ready to give us timely personal online marketing and website advice.



Will be $99 per month

No Lock In Contracts, Cancel Anytime​

I look forward to seeing you inside the members area ... Kim Atkins